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Characters: Adam Rove and Joan Girardi (could be Rove)
Rating: PG
Genre: Het
Summary: Adam asks Joan to iron a shirt for him
Character Age: late 20's or early 30's
Joaniverse: Butterflies

"Jane? Honey?"

"Yeah," she answered from the guest room.

Adam appeared in the doorway, holding an armful of dress shirts. "Can you iron these for me?"


He admitted a little sheepishly, "Yeah, I kinda need at least one for tomorrow."

"Great," she said. "Why don't you do it yourself?"

"I have badminton tonight, remember? And I have this work thing to finish before I go."

"Then why didn't you do it yesterday? It's always me who has to do the ironing. I don't exactly like it either, you know?"

"I'll do the next load, I promise," he offered.

"Yeah, that's what you always say. When is the last time you ironed anything, much less any of my stuff?"

"But you're so much better and faster with it. It takes twice as long when I do it."

She gave him an irritated look. "Then at least you could help with folding up the laundry that doesn't have to be ironed. Or, I don't know, iron a little more often, so that you can practice your skills."

"Okay, fine," he said, getting angry. "I'll do it myself." He dropped the armful of shirts onto the armchair in the corner. "I'll call Brody and cancel badminton."

"For one unironed shirt? You're being ridiculous."

"Yeah, whatever," he said, leaving the room.

She followed him downstairs and saw him grabbing the phone from the charging station. "You're not really gonna cancel badminton, are you?" she said, now getting annoyed.

He started dialing a number and she went up to him, taking the phone from his hands. "Adam. Please. Go and play badminton. I'll iron your shirts."

The fire slowly vanished from his eyes. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. It's fine." In a softer voice she said, "Just promise that you'll help with the laundry next time."

"Okay. I promise," he said.

She gave him a quick, placatory kiss on the lips. "Now go. Knock Brody dead."

He smiled. "I wish. I think he's been secretly practicing."


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