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With the current LJ DDoS attack, who knows when I can post this. I wrote it Wednesday night, right after I watched the episode. And my first reaction was...

Aaaangst! God, I love angst! I had all kinds of angsty knots in my stomach during this whole episode. In the grand scheme of season three, let me assure you, that's a good thing. Still, I can't really say I'm squeeing all over the place. But at least it feels more like the show is back on the right track. (Please tell me I'm not wrong. Please.)

3x08 - As You Were )
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My overall reaction to this episode is similar to last week's. It gets a tentative thumbs up, but it had issues. Quite a few of them. So lemme see. This is me taking account. )
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Not quite sure how I feel about this one. I think I mostly liked it, but it did have flaws. (Some bigger than the Statue of Liberty...) So lemme see what's there to talk about in more detail.

Items 1 thru 15 )
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So I watched a pre-premiere of Harry Potter 7.2 tonight (it gets officially released here tomorrow). I almost didn't watch it, actually, because traffic was a nightmare and I ended up in a traffic jam that went all the way back to the motorway. I know it can get tricky there at that exit, but at 7:30 PM? Come on! I was already late, and I was almost sure I wouldn't make it. (I hate being late for a movie. I do.) I was about to turn back and head home, watch it another time. But in the end I didn't. Which was probably a good thing, because they held my ticket reservation (which was awesome, and unexpected) and I made it just five minutes before the movie started (couldn't have been more perfect timing).

Spoiler alert -- if you haven't read the books )
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Okay, so White Collar does actually have redeeming qualities. Because after last week's disaster, I wasn't all too keen on this week's episode. (Add to the fact that I'm in a total no-energy-for-anything mood.) But this one was fun. Sweet. Loving. Heart-warming. There's a lot I loved about it, and few things I didn't. I should go into more detail, but, uhm, c.f. no-energy-for-anything.

So I'm just gonna troll the web for what others thought and maybe post something more coherent when I'm in the mood. In the meantime, stay tuned for chapter 1 of my latest fanfic.
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Oh. My. God. This was so bad. Okay, not as bad as 2012 (the movie, not the year), but it came close. Please tell me, why did I pay 13 EUR for this crap?

The stupid makes my brain hurt, plus new Bomer glasses )
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Okay, so I must be the only White Collar fan on the planet who didn't really like this episode. Much. I mean, everyone else's reaction I've read was along the lines of major squeeage. Mine was more like... guuuuh, what?? And then: Meh.

Musings and Melons -- contains spoilers, of course )
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New week, new episode. I was really geared up for this one, and now I'm not sure if it disappointed or not.

Long review is long. )
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Don't really have time to post much about this one, but I know that if I don't do it now, I'm never gonna do it.

Might be spoilery, but not too much, I think. )
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So I went to see the new X-Men movie on Sunday. And I liked it surprisingly well. I didn't really expect much, especially since I knew none of the main actors. Except maybe for Kevin Bacon, but I gotta admit that I wasn't even aware of the fact he was gonna be in this until I saw his face flicker across the screen.

Spoilery mini-review is spoilery )
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Nice word play there. Did you notice? The fencing? En garde? Anyway...

So what do I have to say about "On Guard"? It usually takes a while for me to let the first episode after a long hiatus sink in. Mainly that's because there's been so much excitement that's been building up for a long time. And then I'm all deflated, once I've seen the episode.

The good, the bad, and the ugly )
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This new FOX TV show hit the air in April 2011, and I must admit that I only gave it a shot because of Adam F. Goldberg, the show's co-creator and writer. Why is that? Well, he co-wrote one of my all time favorite Chris Marquette movies, Fanboys. I also had the chance to briefly meet him in person in October 2006, which is kind of a long story.

More thoughts on 'Breaking In' )
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After fangeeking out over it yesterday (in an f-locked manner, mind you), let me write a few more level-headed words about the James Patterson audio book, Toys. After having made it to track 11 on the first CD, I think I've overcome the initial squee of hearing Matt's voice and can now actually pay more attention to the story without being constantly distracted.

More thoughts about Toys )
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I already wrote a few bits and pieces about the episode in comments over at [ profile] rabidchild67 's journal, but I have more to say about this one. I actually have something to say about previous episodes as well, but there is only so much time I have in between all the business trips and icon challenges and pesky real life things taking time away from online shenanigans.

Can you say... anticlimax? )
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So, what happens in Burma? Gemstone thefts, apparently. Mmm-kay. While that part of the episode was entertaining enough, it wasn't what I enjoyed most of his episode. However, I should start off with saying that this was a first. The first time that I watched White Collar live on TV as it aired. In a hotel room in Raleigh, North Carolina. I must say that I enjoy my usual way of watching better, because that way there are no annoying commercial breaks.

Thank you, Jeff Eastin! )
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This is a first. I never thought I'd be watching White Collar at 33,000 feet. So here I am, on a plane to San Diego (well, Atlanta first), with my laptop in front of me, having just watched Forging Bonds, typing this up to post later.

Eight hours later: Hello from the Delta Sky Lounge in Atlanta Hartsfield. Now on with our regular program.

"I don't know if I'm a suit guy." )
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There is nothing like starting your day with a smile on your face when someone tells you, "By the way, you're awesome!" Why, thank you, [ profile] crism79. I'm not convinced I really am, but it's nice to know that at least I'm giving others the illusion. ;o)

Business trips, squeeage and Yay moments )
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For the fangirl in me, the last couple of weeks have really been leading up to that moment last night when I got home from work and could switch on the TV to watch the White Collar season 2.5 premiere. Rarely has a new episode of a TV show been met with such anticipation from my side. I'm about 20 years too old to indulge in such enamored silliness, but I'm old enough to know not to care and just revel in it for as long as it lasts.

Thoughts on the episode -- duh, contains spoilers )


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