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LJ, what's with the server issues? I'm having a DDoS attack déjà vu. Do not want! I think a lot of people are getting very fed up with the recurring accessibility issues, especially those who are paying good money to have an account here. Twenty-four plus hours to get the site back up and running is kinda borderline even in my book. And I still can't access it from my smartphone for whatever reason. I can understand why people are upset enough to quit using LJ and move over to other blogging sites. I'm not quite there yet, but I'd have to lie if I said the idea hadn't occurred to me.

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... or That Could Have Gone Better

I really wish I could report that the Livingston concert yesterday was a real blast. But I can't. Because it wasn't. It was probably the one Livingston concert I have enjoyed least of all the ones I've been to. (Which amounts to four.)  I mean, it wasn't Livingston's fault at all. It was just... everything else.

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Gah! Another one of life's epic fails, coupled with Murphy's Law. So for the first time in about a year (possibly more), I had the urge to get my guitar out of the corner behind the door (*blows layers of dust off the bag*), and what do I find? The D string has ripped. (And I mean, WTF? In the bag??) Of course I don't have a spare one and it's Sunday so I can't go anywhere to buy a new one. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.

So I guess instead of making my own music, I'm gonna have to leave you with some embeddeds.

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There's a few things I feel I owe you guys feedback on, so here's our agenda for today:

- A few introductory words
- TeeJay and [ profile] hai_di see Livingston live in Oberhausen
- How [ profile] hai_di  infected TeeJay with the White Collar bug
- Harry Potter 7.1
- Any Other Business
- Summary

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I think in the end it didn't even matter to the band that they had a couple thousand fans as their audience. What am I talking about? Well, I went to the Linkin Park concert in Cologne last night. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret having gone. I had a good time, and they played a good mixture of old and new songs (including one of my all time favorites - Breaking The Habit). But in the end, what was missing was the feeling that the band members were even remotely enjoying themselves.

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I think I've made a pretty good bargain. It can be rewarding to check actual CD stores instead of buying your music online.

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