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LJ, what's with the server issues? I'm having a DDoS attack déjà vu. Do not want! I think a lot of people are getting very fed up with the recurring accessibility issues, especially those who are paying good money to have an account here. Twenty-four plus hours to get the site back up and running is kinda borderline even in my book. And I still can't access it from my smartphone for whatever reason. I can understand why people are upset enough to quit using LJ and move over to other blogging sites. I'm not quite there yet, but I'd have to lie if I said the idea hadn't occurred to me.

On a happier note: Squeeeeeee! Beukes answered my message! You might ask, who the freck is Beukes? Beukes Willemse is the lead singer of Livingston. He has a MySpace account, so I've written to him. Just some feedback for the concert last week. I shouldn't really be all that surprised, because I've sent him something in the past (some time last year), and he answered that too. Still, always a nice surprise. Jakob (guitarist) and Paolo (drummer) usually answer their messages as well. I just love these guys. *hugs Livingston* Though I gotta say, he can't spell for shit. Which, I guess, is okay, because he has to sing and not spell for a living. :-P

What else? New TV show. [ profile] kriadydragon made me start watching Suits. It's a new USA Network show, episode 1x06 will be airing this week. I had read about it before, but I dismissed it at first because, really, shows about lawyers aren't usually my thing. But then [ profile] kriadydragon started talking about unresolved friendship tension and whump potential and fan fiction cravings–and I caved. Mainly because I wanted to read her Suits story and know who she was talking about.

I've only come as far as episode 1x03, but the remaining two episodes will be watched some time over the next few days. There's a new episode on Thursday. Plays in New York too, and it looks like they're shooting it on location (at least the exteriors). The cinematography reminds me a lot of White Collar, actually. The colors aren't quite as vivid, but it also depicts the city quite lovingly. (Edit: Accoring to [ profile] lomer [thanks!] only the pilot was shot in NY, they're now shooting in Toronto.) And can I add, Patrick J. Adams = kinda cute? I can't say I'm that deeply hooked on the show that I wanna delve deeper into the fandom or write fanfic myself, but I'm liking it a lot so far.
And, boy, can I see the slash potential. I mean, I'm not into slash, but I can totally see the slashers going crazy with Mike and Harvey the way they're all over Peter and Neal. And I may just mention that both Mike and Harvey are as heterosexual on the show as you can get. *facepalms a little*

Question: How do you pronounce the surname Macht in the US? Because surely not the way we would, since you don't have the 'ch' sound like we do. Is it like Mahkt? (Random fact of the day: Macht in German means 'power', as in having power over something or someone.)

I've started with another WhiCo fanfic. Which is wrong, because the one I should be working on is the ficswap one I signed up for. But I don't have more than a rough outline for that one yet. My muse is just guiding me in all the wrong directions right now.

And while we're talking about White Collar, I mentioned in the past that I'm currently rewatching The X-Files with a friend, right? We're currently in season 7, and this weekend we watched an episode called 'X-Cops'. It basically was The X-Files, Cops-style. You know, the reality TV-like show where they follow cops around with cameras. It was so bad that it was good again. And I kept wondering: Wow, what if they did a White Collar episode like that? Hee.

Switching gears, I also wanna whine about our message board troll. Over on the message board of our Chris Marquette website, we've had this guy we actually banned from the forum because he kept posting things that were solely meant to personally attack one of our admins. It's kind of a long story, and I don't wanna go into it in too much detail. After we banned him (and we didn't do this lightly), he kept sending us admins e-mails, begging to be let back in. The first few we told him no, but he kept trying. In the end, I just ignored those messages. Now he's signed up again with a new username. Greaaaaaat.

And he's pissing me off big time. It's not even that he's posting inappropriate crap. I would actually welcome if he did, because then we'd have a reason to give him the boot and kick him out again. But, no, he just keeps posting immaterial drivel that no one gives a fuck about. He's not remotely interested in Chris Marquette, and he never posts anything that pertains to Chris. Hm, Mr. Pathetic, let me ask why you're coming back to a Chris Marquette specific message board, then? I just don't get it. No one on our message board engages with him. He's just basically talking to himself. Let me repeat: I don't get it. Is he really that clueless?

So what is it that he talks about? Movies. Obsessively so. Every two days he posts a plethora of cover images of Blu-rays and DVDs he's recently purchased. Just the covers and that these are the movies he's recently bought. Uhm, yeah, dude. Awesome. Who cares? Go away. Not to sound like a hypocrite, because, sure, I talk about movies too. Too much, probably. But not in abundance that borders on spamming, and not exclusively about mainstream action movies like he does. And, yes, I post about things other than Chris Marquette on that forum. But I don't go register on, say, a Jesse Eisenberg forum when I have zero interest in the guy besides maybe having liked one or two movies he was in, just to discuss the twenty odd movies I purchase on Blu-ray every week (which I don't, but this guy does). Then again, I pride myself on having at least a basic level of common sense and self-reflection. Which, sadly, can't be said about some people...

I think I'm gonna send him an e-mail and kindly ask him to stop with the meaningless, spammy drivel. In nicer words than that, though. And I expect backlash, because the first time we banned him, he hit us with a (kind of ridiculous) listing of statistics from our message board that was supposed to show us how wrong we were. I don't usually revel in using my admin powers on people who tick me off, but in this case I actually do. And if I knew his home address, a large shipment of crates of epic failsauce™ would now be on the way to his home.
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