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Squeeee! The Bomer is gonna be on the big screen! I'm so excited. *flails*

Okay, I'm calm now. Or calmer. And this isn't exactly brand spanking news. I knew Matt was gonna be in a movie originally titled Now, which has recently been renamed to In Time. And it looks like they released exclusive footage (= a 4-minute trailer) for Comic Con:

Looks pretty darn good, if you ask me. I'd definitely watch this, even if it didn't have Matt Bomer in it. Also, I've heard skeptical voices about Justin Timberlake's acting skills. I was a little leery about him when I heard he was going to play the lead in Alpha Dog, but he totally won me over. I'm actually looking forward to seeing him play the lead in this one. I like Cillian Murphy too, so added bonus there.

Now I guess I just need to cross fingers like mad that it's gonna show in any of my original version theaters. Because as much as The Bomer has eaten my brain, I am not paying money for sitting through 90+ minutes of a movie dubbed into German. I keep trying every now and then, but it just ruins the experience for me. I wish it didn't, because that would make my fangirl life so much easier, but my mind has been made up, it seems. Or else, actually... maybe this would be worth a well-timed trip to the UK. I was planning on visiting [ profile] fredo2706 later this year anyway. Hmmmm....

Bonus Bomer still from the official movie website:


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