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With the current LJ DDoS attack, who knows when I can post this. I wrote it Wednesday night, right after I watched the episode. And my first reaction was...

Aaaangst! God, I love angst! I had all kinds of angsty knots in my stomach during this whole episode. In the grand scheme of season three, let me assure you, that's a good thing. Still, I can't really say I'm squeeing all over the place. But at least it feels more like the show is back on the right track. (Please tell me I'm not wrong. Please.)

So let's look at the specifics.

  1. Okay, so this is the Neal/Sara break-up. I was spoiled about it already a while back. And even despite the spoiler, it wasn't like we couldn't see it coming. Right? At least it felt natural and not terribly plot-devicey.
  2. Yes, I understand Sara's motivation. A) What she saw was another reminder that Neal will always be a conman at heart with little sense of consequence. B) She realized that this is bigger than she can or wants to handle. While she was clearly distraught to leave Neal, it was probably the right move. (And I'm not saying that because I'm not a Neal/Sara shipper.)
  3. Loved the emotions that played on Hilarie's face as she was looking at the Treasure Cam. You could see that she realized just how deeply this goes. And that unless there was a small miracle, it would end badly either way. I was right there with her. Angsty knots of angstiness in the vicinity of my stomach. Thank you, Mr. Negrette and Ms. Burton.
  4. The break-up scene. Angsty knots of angstiness intensify. I know this sounds kind of wrong, but I loved everything about it. You know, in a Neal-projecting sadist kind of way. Like I said, I soak up angst. This was perfect, and perfectly played. Sara's subdued sorrow over the decision she made, the distance she put between her and Neal, the tears she carefully tried to keep in check, the goodbye kiss. "Caffrey, please take care of yourself." Damn near broke my heart. (Not so much Neal's, eh?)
  5. Talking about which, is Neal just really good at bottling up his emotions, or did he really care so little? He's supposed to be this hopeless romantic, and Sara leaving him seemed kinda like a bitter afterthought to him, at least from what we saw. I didn't quite expect him to break down in a sobbing heap of tears, but to me it all felt kinda cold. Well, maybe I'm projecting too much. But, oh, the angst potential! I'm like an addict, and they got me hooked. More angsty knots of angstiness, more, more more! Do want! (As if the episode didn't already have enough.)
  6. Did Neal realize Sara had seen the treasure? I mean, he took that knowing look at the laptop on his table. Is he suspecting? And if so, is he just letting it go, trusting Sara not to use it against him in the end?
  7. And looky here, Sara lives on West 69th street. Near Central Park and not too far from June's house. Sweet.
  8. The Clinton-heavy A-plot. I kinda wanted to get it out of the way so we could get to all the wonderful, personal Neal-dilemma stuff. It wasn't so bad, but to me it distracted from what I really wanted to see. But, hey, I get that they need a main procedural plot that they can intersperse the personal stuff with. Can't say I was too terribly excited about the A-plot, though.
  9. But, yay, they gave Jones a bit of a backstory. What did we learn? He used to be in the Navy. He was engaged to a beautiful woman who got married to one of his best friends. That's a bummer. And it happened because CJ (hee!) chose his career over his personal life. Did I miss anything? Oh, he lives in an apartment under the stairs. (The Cupboard Under The Stairs, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey)
  10. Jones can kick some serious hand-to-hand combat ass. Go Clinton!
  11. Neal introduced himself as "Agent Burke's CI". When has he ever done that? He usually feels too self-conscious to admit he's "just" a CI. I will take it as a sign that he's becoming more comfortable with this role in his anklet-restricted life. Just another indication that he's not as ready to leave it behind as he might have thought.
  12. "Promise me you'll never speak at my funeral." Have I mentioned I love the Neal/Mozzie banter?
  13. Okay, so is it weird that Peter doesn't ask Neal why he's coming back to the office after hours? "We're good at this." – "We are." Score one more for the Neal dilemma. Come on, Neal, you know you have a good thing going there. You don't want to betray Peter, don't want to run and leave all of that behind. Do you?
  14. Okay, so it seems Peter was smart enough to transfer the manifest from his desk drawer to his safe. Thank you, that makes way more sense than him keeping it in a place Neal can break into with a paper clip in a matter of seconds.
  15. "We have to break into the Burkes'." I was, like, "Uh oh." Major uh oh. "Sara no longer, what's keeping you here?" Come on, Moz, that was heartless. And of course Neal would have qualms about breaking into Peter's house for his own gain.
  16. Neal doesn't wanna be alone in his apartment, especially with Sara's stuff still standing around. That's why he and the single malt turn up at Jones' doorstep. Not quite the angstiness I was hoping for, but I can see it in my twisted mind. Yep. He does care.
  17. Of course I loved the bonding going on between Neal and Clinton. (I can already see the number of new Neal/Jones slash fics sky-rocketing after this. Uhm... do not want?) "Then why did I let Van Horn get to me?" – "Same reason that landed me consecutive 4-year prison sentences." – "What, an almost sociopathic need to tell lies of omission to get something for nothing?" – "I was gonna say passion." Tee-hee.
  18. "Because choices are sacrifices. And inevitably, that means giving up something that you want for something that you want more." Oh, the innuendo, the double-meaning! Yes, Neal, so what do you want more? "What does having it all mean to Neal Caffrey?" - "Never having to worry about money. Doing something that's meaningful, being surrounded by people I care about, respect, you know. That's pretty much the dream." - "Screw you. You already live in a dream. You are the damned dream with a tracking anklet." Wait a minute. Neal never has to worry about money in his current situation? Hm...
  19. Nipple exposure! Well, barely. :-P
  20. There must be something seriously wrong with my sexiness radar. Because not only do I not dig men in tuxes, I also do not dig men in uniform. Like, at all. Consequently, Neal in dress whites did nothing for me. Nothing at all.
  21. But, hey, look at that. We got Neal-Almost-Whump. I mean, that fall onto his back musta hurt. I'll bet he was sore for at least a day or two. Sore!fic! Anyone?
  22. "I kinda enjoy these all-nighters." Peter, what is wrong with you?! No one in their sane mind enjoys all-nighters, not at your age, not with a beautiful wife waiting at home, and not in a crammy, smelly van. Bullshit alert! Plot device. Meh.
  23. I was all over the break-in scene. (And can I just say I loved the music that was playing over it?) I actually rewound the episode and watched it a second time right after the episode ended. Angsty knots of intense angstiness ftw! The duplicity is killing me.
  24. Okay, so I'm pausing the picture on the manifest. You know my gripe with fake German. It's not too bad here, but it's still kinda weird to read for a native speaker. Why would the manifest say "Beschreibung der Technik" (description of the technology)? That doesn't even remotely make sense. I guess you could translate "Technik" to any number of other words (engineering, method, procedure, technique), none of which make any more sense. But I'm not gonna rant too much now. I'm just sayin'...
  25. Russell Lee Fine really likes his mirrors.
  26. The irony of Peter calling Neal while Neal was standing right in the Burkes' bedroom knocked this out of the ballpark for me. That was probably the most powerful scene all season. Peter asking Neal about Sara, that was a spectacular show of empathy for Peter. We know he's not good with the emotional stuff. And it said so much. He's worried about Neal. "She hasn't been accepting my calls." - "That's gotta be weighing on you." - "You have no idea."  Was that a genuine admission on Neal's part? Or just conman fakery to distract Peter from suspecting something? I really can't tell.
  27. "You and I have been through some stuff. We've had to keep things from each other, but if you wanna talk... I mean, really... talk, I'm here for ya." - "Is this the loneliness of the van talking?" - "Maybe. Maybe. But I, uh, you know, I think you deserve some happiness. And I, uh, whatever I can do to help you with that, let me know."  - "Thanks, Peter. That means a lot." - "Yeah. No problem. See ya tomorrow, Neal."  - "See ya tomorrow." Gah, my luvs. That made me melt and fills me with all kinds of gooey fangirly happiness. Yes, yes, yes, I want the careful trust back, the Neal-Peter friendship. Yes. It's possible. It is. I want to belieeeeeeeve.
  28. Neal lied to Mozzie. He lied. To his face (well, his ear). He lied because he doesn't want to leave. *hugs Neal real tight*

So, am I getting this right that there's gonna be a summer/fall break after episode 3x10? I can't believe half the season is already over. Why do they always pass way too quickly? Well, at least I'm hoping for a cliffhanger that's not too cruel (I think we can safely assume there will be one) that will leave us with lots of juicy potential for fanfic endeavours. Bring it on, Mr. Eastin! I'm so ready.


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