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This may be a shocking revelation to some, but supplies don't usually reorder themselves. So why is it always me who asks A to reorder coffee creamer or sugar or other kitchen supplies for the office? (And I don't even drink the coffee!) I mean, is it so hard to ask A to reorder new sugar when you open the last packet? You don't even have to order it yourself, for goodness' sake, A will do it for you. I'll bet the person not asking A to reorder will be the same person getting all whiny when they find the community kitchen entirely without sugar in a few days. Because, dammit, supplies don't reorder themselves! I have a suspicion this is also the same person who leaves the empty toilet rolls hanging on the dispenser when the new one is just an arm's length away, in plain sight. Freakin' egotists.

Office rants and X-Files movie )
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I can't believe it's 15 years since the show first aired. 15 years! I was 17 then. (Oops, did I just give away my age?) Okay, technically I was around 20 because I started watching the show in season three and there was a year's delay in the episodes airing in Germany. Still, that's a freakin' long time, dudes.

About two or three months ago, some time after the second X-Files movie came to German theaters, I decided it would be so much fun to watch the whole show again. And my good friend Steffi thought that was an excellent idea. So I did probably the second craziest thing I've done this year and bought the X-Files Collector's Box. 61 DVDs, including the first movie.

Steffi and I tried watching about one DVD per week ever since I got the DVDs (four episodes on one DVD) and we've made it up to DVD 3 of season 2 so far. Unfortunately, it will probably be the last one we're watching together because she's moving to Denmark this month. I want to weep.

Still, re-watching X-Files is kinda cool, especially if you have someone there with you to ridicule Mulder's horrid ties and Scully's ultra snazzy shoulder pad blazers. And I thought fashion of the 80's was bad! Also, Skinner's been wearing the same pair of glasses for the full 9 years, hasn't he?

One thing I know, though. Season one was BAD. Things are just starting to be fun in season two. I can't believe there's more than 50 DVDs to go. But then, I guess, there could be worse things in the world...


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