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Yes, I caved. I bought a new camera. Not that I really needed to, the EOS 450D was working just fine. But I really wanted the 550D, because it can record HD videos and has a few more, nifty functions the 450D doesn't have. Not that I think I'm gonna use the video function extensively, but it's nice to know that I now have it.

A Sunday evening in the forest )
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What are the odds of taking a picture of lightning? Well, with enough patience (and the advantage of darkness and a remote control for the SLR), here's proof that it's not all that unlikely. Taken in Kusadasi, Turkey last week.

Lightning strikes )
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Just because it makes me feel all summery and vacation yearning. (And can we please skip spring this year? Because, you know... hay fever.)

Sunset in San Diego )
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Obviously not a real photo, and obviously not one I took. This was inspired by a fellow NaviBluer mentioning that in the Survival Guide it says that in the Hallelujah Mountains the lightning is sometimes horizontal due to all the magnetic interference. And it prompted me to turn this into something people can visualize.

"That's kinda freaky." )
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I figure it's time to post some beautiful pictures. I took these when taking a walk along the De Witt See near the Dutch border on Sunday.

Photo(s) of the day )

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As much as I love traveling, it's nice to be back home. Jet lag is still a beotch, but I'm dealing. Barely. Anyways, here's a little souvenir I took home.

Waterfront )


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