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Yes, I caved. I bought a new camera. Not that I really needed to, the EOS 450D was working just fine. But I really wanted the 550D, because it can record HD videos and has a few more, nifty functions the 450D doesn't have. Not that I think I'm gonna use the video function extensively, but it's nice to know that I now have it.

A Sunday evening in the forest )
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What are the odds of taking a picture of lightning? Well, with enough patience (and the advantage of darkness and a remote control for the SLR), here's proof that it's not all that unlikely. Taken in Kusadasi, Turkey last week.

Lightning strikes )
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Just because it makes me feel all summery and vacation yearning. (And can we please skip spring this year? Because, you know... hay fever.)

Sunset in San Diego )


Jun. 17th, 2010 10:57 pm
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Okay, so the other day I was wondering what this little, hairy blob on my cactus was. And today I look again, and there's this. Whoa! )
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Okay, so we've finally entered finale season. One season/series finale is hunting the next.

See which ones I've watched so far -- SPOILER ALERT )
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Okay, so I bought myself a new toy for the SLR camera the other day. It's called a retro adapter. Basically what it does is that you can connect your lens to the camera the wrong way round, effectively making it into a macro lens. It doesn't work as well as a real macro lens, but, hey, what do you expect for 30 EUR (as compared to 250+)?

Curious? )

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I figure it's time to post some beautiful pictures. I took these when taking a walk along the De Witt See near the Dutch border on Sunday.

Photo(s) of the day )

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As much as I love traveling, it's nice to be back home. Jet lag is still a beotch, but I'm dealing. Barely. Anyways, here's a little souvenir I took home.

Waterfront )

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It never snows in Monheim. And when it does, the snow never stays. Well, this time it did! *gapes*

If you wanna see proof, let me show you where you can find it:
Snow in Monheim

Pictures taken this morning at sunrise. *yawns*


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