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In other words, I'm a moron. I know, it's not a particularly new revelation. See, here's the thing. I haven't done my tax return paperwork for three years now. And I'm finally trying to get things together to catch up. Apparently, I already planned on doing it earlier, because for the life of me, I can't find the paperwork for 2008. It's gone. All of it. So I'm thinking I already assembled it and put it somewhere. Only question is... where?! I've looked in all the obvious places, so I guess my task for tomorrow is to look in all the not so obvious places... *sigh*

I can also only find four of my nine AVATAR theater tickets. I'm kinda nerdy when it comes to that, I try to collect all my theater ticket stubs. You may ask, what for? I don't really know. I guess part of it is that I forget movies so easily, unless I've seen them several times or they made a big impression. Having all those tickets, at least I know what movies I've seen (and forgotten).

Now, this sounds like I'm the kind of person who isn't very organized and tends to leave things in disarray around the house. But I'm not. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a neat freak. But I'm not a messy person either. I usually have a pretty good grip on where I keep my things. That's why I find this slightly disconcerting...

But let's not concentrate on whining. I bought a car today. I'm gonna call him Jake, even though he's not blue. And, yes, I mean a real car. One you can drive on the streets that needs gas and a person behind the steering wheel with a driving license. I'm gonna get him next Saturday. What's also disconcerting, though, is that I'm not all that excited. Which is wrong, because I've been talking about wanting a Mazda 3 for almost two years now.

Looks like the endorphin pathways in my brain are blocked today. Or something. Anyone wanna cheer in my stead?
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*sigh* I'm jonesing. This weekend would be a great time to see AVATAR again. It's been two weeks now since I last saw it. And I wanna get one last chance before the OV vanishes from my favorite theater. However, Jane's still in the shop -- and will be until at least Wednesday. Unbelievable that a few pieces of plastic and metal can cost 3500€ to fix. But I'm over it. It happened. It can't be undone. Screw it. And I swear I'm gonna stop talking about it some time soon.

The great thing is, I've gotten a number of really great reviews over on FFN for my AVATAR fanfic. They really made my day. And I'm working on another, shorter story about something I don't wanna mention not to spoil certain people who still haven't seen the movie (yes, Diane, I'm talking to you!). :-P

That's all I wanna whine about tonight, except maybe that I really enjoyed both the new Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. The latter is soooo over the top, but I still love it. Can't beat it where relationship drama is concerned. And sometimes I just need a good, hefty portion of cheesy, unrealistic drama, drama, drama. Bring on more of the escapism. Oh, hey, I'm going full circle. Because we're back to AVATAR. *sigh*
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I'm stranded. My car will be in the shop for a whole week. Meaning it's just home and work for seven lousy days. Because, you know, public transport on the outskirts of civilization kinda sucks--and is expensive, to boot. Okay, I'm exaggerrating. If I really wanted to, I could go places by bus and/or train, but it just seems like such a feat. I've become one of those lazy, convenience-loving couch potatoes.

So herewith died my plan of watching AVATAR again this week. Granted, it's not the apocalypse or anything. I'm just jonesing. The things you can't have always seem so much more desirable. But maybe luck will be on my side and they're still gonna show the movie next week. It's already been reduced from three showings a day to two this week. I don't think it'll be gone next week, but you never know what the cinema bosses decide, especially when it comes to the original version movies that the masses don't wanna watch anyway.

Shit happens, right? Okay, so can the shit please move on to someone else now? Preferably someone I don't know or don't like. In what drawer did I put that voodoo doll again?
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Turns out my old car stereo is totally dead. So now I'm officially in driving hell--no music in the car whatsoever for at least 7 days. Nnnnnnrgh!! At least I really liked Seven Pounds.
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My car stereo broke. Well, not completely, it's the display that isn't working anymore. The nerd clerk at the store said they have to take it out and send it to Kenwood to have it fixed. Here's where I lucked out, though: The warranty runs out tomorrow. Just in time, I say!

So now I have to return to the store tomorrow for them to take out the Kenwood and put in my old, crappy, no-good Peugeot radio. Two words: cassette player. Ugh. I won't be able to listen to MP3s or CDs anymore. Major suckage.

I'm gonna treat myself to some frustration compensation entertainment tonight. Seven Pounds is showing this week (un-dubbed) and I kinda forgot this weekend that I wanted to go see it. So tonight, 7:30, I'm gonna be sitting in one of those blue theater seats, watching Will Smith on the silver screen. I hope it's at least decent.


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