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I just got back, and I'm glad that I am. All things considered, it was a fun trip. I can't even really say why, but this time all the small talky fraternizing didn't stress me out that much. Either I found a way to avoid it or I'm getting more skilled at it. (Probably the first because I have to admit I didn't try remotely hard enough to get to know people.)

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Oh, how I've missed this. (Not.) Business meetings are always blah. And even though we had Wednesday morning to actually look at some of the city, all I got to see was left and right of the Bosporus. The initial plan was to take a 1 1/2 hour boat tour along the Bosporus. But apparently we took the wrong boat, because the one we boarded took us all the way to the Asian side of Istanbul, up where the Black Sea begins. The one way trip took 1 1/2 hours alone.

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Canceled flights = failsauce. Epically so. Because, yay, I get to spend another day in Raleigh. And we weren't even flying anywhere near where the snow chaos is. Our original flight to Atlanta was canceled due to technical problems with the plane. The later flight they booked us on was delayed, so we wouldn't have made the connecting flight to Germany.

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Geez, I'm so bad when it comes to packing suitcases. I'm off to the US tomorrow for a few days for a business meeting. I've had all day to get my things together, and now it's 6:30 PM and I haven't even started packing. I think you can guess that packing bags isn't my strong suit (pun intended). I also wanted to clean my bathroom today because it'd suck coming home to a dirty and dusty apartment. Looks like I won't be doing that today, though.

On an even sucker note, I've crashed my Windows. Again. Won't even boot anymore. And it's all the Prison Break Conspiracy game's fault. It just wouldn't run on my XP machine, I kept getting an access violation error. It works on my Windows 7 laptop, but it's terribly stuttery (thus no fun at all). So I had the ingenious idea to install a second Win XP on my XP machine on another partition. Which in theory is a fairly easy thing to do, but it's already crashed my other installation once. And now it appears to have done it again. Wonderful. Aren't I lucky? And I don't have time to deal with it today either.

Looks like I'm gonna be coming home to both a dirty bathroom and a messed up computer. <sigh>

Still, I'm looking forward to the trip, even though it's business. One of my colleagues is going with me and it'll be nice to get to know the colleagues in the US in person that I'm gonna be working with in the future. North Carolina, here I come!
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Yesterday was awesome! I went to see a former colleague (and friend) and his wife at their home yesterday. They bought a house last year and he has now set up a home theater in his basement. And I mean home theater ! He has some serious shit down there. A 16:9 real theater screen (maybe 9 x 5 feet), a good quality beamer, a Dolby 7.2 sound system and an HD and a Blu-ray player. He also has six leather desk chairs set up in two rows, where the last row is elevated so everyone can see. The walls and the floor were all black so that you could make the room completely dark. It was AWESOME! I drooled all way through the movie, and it wasn't because of Hugh Jackman.

I want!!! I think I need to buy a house with a cellar.

On a less exciting note, I'm leaving for the Ukraine tomorrow morning. It's just a short business trip as I'll be back on Wednesday evening, but I'm still not really thrilled. Which is wrong, I should be at least marginally excited, especially since I'm not going alone. Oh well, this too will pass...

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As much as I love traveling, it's nice to be back home. Jet lag is still a beotch, but I'm dealing. Barely. Anyways, here's a little souvenir I took home.

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This will be a first, I've neither been to Maryland nor North Carolina before. I'm leaving on Tuesday to return home just over a week later. Well, yeah, it's a business trip, so it won't all be fun, but I'm going with my favorite colleague from work and we'll also have the opportunity to see some of Washington. But the best thing is...


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