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Here's my entries for Round 12 of [ profile] wcollar20in20. Teaser below, more icons in the post, images are all from episode 3x03 "Deadline". (Might be spoilery if you haven't seen it.)

Round 12 Icons )

Brag Time

Jul. 12th, 2011 08:19 am
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Shameless brag post. Be warned. Because I made a handful of first and other places in recent icon challenges, and I'm gonna have to show them off. Sorry, can't help it, I'm excited like a little girl. :-) So here goes.

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I've got a few more reject icons for you that I made and didn't really wanna use. Maybe one of you would like to put one or the other to good use? And if not, never mind. :o)

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So I was listening to Alanis Morissette's re-recorded acoustic version of her first album the other day. And I always have to smile at this one particular line from her song "Ironic". And I had a silly Bomer moment this morning (okay, several), and came up with this.

And isn't it ironic? )
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Here's my entries for Round 11 of [ profile] wcollar20in20 . Teaser below, more icons in the post, images are all from episode 3x01 "On Guard". (Might be spoilery if you haven't seen it.)


Round 11 Icons )
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I think it's time I posted a few icons again that I've been making for challenges and otherwise. (Apologies if I've posted some of these before, it's kinda hard to keep track.)

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Here's my entries for Round 10 of [ profile] wcollar20in20. Teaser below, more icons in the post, images are all from episode "Power Play".


Round 10 Icons )
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Even though I haven't felt particularly inspired in the icon making department lately, here's my entries for Round 9 of [ profile] wcollar20in20. Teaser below, more icons in the post, images are all from episode "Payback".


Round 09 Icons )
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Meep, another icon post. I realized the other day that I've been posting some of my ftw icon banners, but I don't normally post the actual icons I've entered into the challenges. So let's rectify that.

The Reject Icons )
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Just because I'm shamelessly in the mood to brag, here's a bunch of banners for recent icon challenges where I made it into the top three. \o/

Banners be here )
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Round 8 of [ profile] wcollar20in20 is on. Here's your teaser. I signed up for episode "What Happens in Burma".


Round 08 Icons )


Feb. 28th, 2011 10:01 pm
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I'm totally not in the right headspace for anything like icon designing right now, but two of my recent White Collar icons made it into the top three again. Yay! \o/ So watch me brag.

Icons ftw )
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First of all, this is a goodbye post of sorts. Well, a temporary goodbye post, kinda like an AWL thing (absent with leave). Because I'm going on vacation for a week tomorrow, and I'm not taking my laptop. That means seven whole days without computer or internet. I can't think of the last time when that happened. Is that sad? There should be enough distraction in Turkey to not miss it too much, though. And I can always write fan fiction with good old pen and paper.

Icon Love. Oh, and '127 Hours'. )
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Awwww, how adorable are Matt and Tim in that new TV Guide photoshoot video!

So I couldn't resist and made a few icons. Okay, more than a few. Feel free to snag. Commenting would make my day, crediting = win, hotlinking is uncool and taking and claiming as your own is epic fail.


more icons be here )
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Okay, next round of [ profile] wcollar20in20. Teaser for you right here. The rest of the icons are under the cut. Enjoy! PS: I signed up for images from the episode "Burke's Seven" this time (as opposed to "Neal Caffrey" the previous times).


Round 07 Icons )
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Just a quick shout that I have made it to San Diego. I have now been awake for a solid 23 hours without even a minute of napping or dozing off. I am so tired to the point where I'm actually dizzy, and more than ready to fall into bed (probably to wake up again in, oh, 4 or so hours because my body thinks, "Yay, morning, get up sleepyhead!"). Shower first, though.

My brain hurts )
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Okay, so I have a few reject icons for the White Collar fans among you. I made these a while ago but wasn't real happy with them. Still, maybe someone will like and want to snag one or the other. There's no use in them lying around on my hard drive, is there? (And, oops, there's a Chuck icon in there too. See if you can spot it.)

Icons be here )
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Well now, looky here. I made second and third place out of 14 entries for challenge 1 of the White Collar Icontest. I'm usually not one for self-aggrandizement, but I'm actually proud of this one.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me! You guys rock!

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Icon Time! I proudly present my entries for Round 06 of the 20in20 White Collar icon challenge over at [ profile] wcollar20in20.

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It's terrible. I can't stay away from the White Collar fandom, even though I should be doing more important things right now (like, oh, sleep maybe?). So here goes my attempt at round 5 of the 20in20 White Collar icon challenge over at [ profile] wcollar20in20 .

(Now I just wish I could also post them there, because it looks like I don't have posting access to that comm. *waves at mods* Hello?! Let me in!)


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