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With the current LJ DDoS attack, who knows when I can post this. I wrote it Wednesday night, right after I watched the episode. And my first reaction was...

Aaaangst! God, I love angst! I had all kinds of angsty knots in my stomach during this whole episode. In the grand scheme of season three, let me assure you, that's a good thing. Still, I can't really say I'm squeeing all over the place. But at least it feels more like the show is back on the right track. (Please tell me I'm not wrong. Please.)

3x08 - As You Were )
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My overall reaction to this episode is similar to last week's. It gets a tentative thumbs up, but it had issues. Quite a few of them. So lemme see. This is me taking account. )
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LJ, what's with the server issues? I'm having a DDoS attack déjà vu. Do not want! I think a lot of people are getting very fed up with the recurring accessibility issues, especially those who are paying good money to have an account here. Twenty-four plus hours to get the site back up and running is kinda borderline even in my book. And I still can't access it from my smartphone for whatever reason. I can understand why people are upset enough to quit using LJ and move over to other blogging sites. I'm not quite there yet, but I'd have to lie if I said the idea hadn't occurred to me.

Squee and failsauce™ )
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Title: Knee-Deep
Author: TeeJay
Genre: Gen
Characters/Pairings: Neal/Sara, Peter
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Spoilers for up to and including 3x07 'Taking Account'
Summary: Neal is in way deep, and things are starting to fall apart on all fronts.
Author's Note: I apologize to all Neal/Sara fans. I don't mean any disrespect. I just needed Neal disheveled and dejected, and this was the first thing I thought of that would do the trick. And, yes, this is about the treasure and the last scene from 3x07 'Taking Account'. Also, this is partly [ profile] kriadydragon 's fault because she made me watch "Suits".
Disclaimer: White Collar, its characters and its settings belong to Jeff Eastin and USA Network. And, guys? Your characters are not only welcome, they're wonderful. I'm just borrowing, I promise.

Knee-Deep )
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Not quite sure how I feel about this one. I think I mostly liked it, but it did have flaws. (Some bigger than the Statue of Liberty...) So lemme see what's there to talk about in more detail.

Items 1 thru 15 )
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*does a happy dance*

\o/ Yaaaay!!! \o/

[/end of quick squee post]
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Okay, so White Collar does actually have redeeming qualities. Because after last week's disaster, I wasn't all too keen on this week's episode. (Add to the fact that I'm in a total no-energy-for-anything mood.) But this one was fun. Sweet. Loving. Heart-warming. There's a lot I loved about it, and few things I didn't. I should go into more detail, but, uhm, c.f. no-energy-for-anything.

So I'm just gonna troll the web for what others thought and maybe post something more coherent when I'm in the mood. In the meantime, stay tuned for chapter 1 of my latest fanfic.
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So I went to see the new X-Men movie on Sunday. And I liked it surprisingly well. I didn't really expect much, especially since I knew none of the main actors. Except maybe for Kevin Bacon, but I gotta admit that I wasn't even aware of the fact he was gonna be in this until I saw his face flicker across the screen.

Spoilery mini-review is spoilery )
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This new FOX TV show hit the air in April 2011, and I must admit that I only gave it a shot because of Adam F. Goldberg, the show's co-creator and writer. Why is that? Well, he co-wrote one of my all time favorite Chris Marquette movies, Fanboys. I also had the chance to briefly meet him in person in October 2006, which is kind of a long story.

More thoughts on 'Breaking In' )
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Okay, so I said I would post something more elaborate on Monday. I didn't. But that's because I was basically feeling like a pile of horse poo yesterday. It's not a good idea to be at altitudes of 33,000 feet for prolonged periods of time when your sinuses are raging with infection (this was on Sunday night, though). I'm sure my seat neighbor hates me because there is no way he didn't catch what I have. It's also the first time that my ears hurt from the pressure difference. It took a whole day for my right ear to go back to normal. So what I'm saying is: Yesterday sucked copious amounts of ass.

Like I need another TV show to get attached to.... )
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I just got back, and I'm glad that I am. All things considered, it was a fun trip. I can't even really say why, but this time all the small talky fraternizing didn't stress me out that much. Either I found a way to avoid it or I'm getting more skilled at it. (Probably the first because I have to admit I didn't try remotely hard enough to get to know people.)

TV show hiatusesessss )
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Whose brainfart was this, and—worse still—who encouraged this someone to write and film it? This was the very first Grey's Anatomy episode that I didn't actually watch. Well, I kinda did because I wanted to know what happened, but I fast forwarded through large portions of it. Especially those with the singing. Because, seriously? Making a musical episode for a hospital TV show is just an incredibly bad idea. Even more so if the episode is about something really important. Like, oh, a major character's life hanging in the balance.

Bring on the couch slouching )
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Noah Wyle in rebel gear with a shotgun = very, very hot

nom nom nom )
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I love the US version of Being Human and all, but...

Spoilers for this week's Being Human (US) to follow )
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Mozzie (my new vacuum cleaner) is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that he sucked the one unraveled thread from my carpet that fell victim to my dad using a drill on the carpet baseboard right out of where I had glued it back in. Gee, thanks. You suck. More literally than figuratively in this case.

The Bomer is still at it -- my brain, that is )
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IT TAKES A CON TO CATCH A CON – Driven by the fact that there are few things more dangerous than a prisoner who has just escaped, and tired of following protocol and resorting to outdated methods of law enforcement, veteran U.S. Marshals Charlie Duchamp (Laz Alonso) and Ray Zancanelli (Domenick Lombardozzi) are taking an unorthodox approach to their work: using former fugitives (Jimmi Simpson, Malcolm Goodwin & Serinda Swan) to catch fugitives.

Seriously? )
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Maaaan, I can't believe the White Collar season finale is already airing tonight. It's like we barely got off the winter hiatus. How can we go into another hiatus again so soon? And a probably even crueler one, because, come on, we all know it's gonna end with a doozy cliffhanger that'll make me scream copious amounts of unfavorable and frustrated expressions at the TV screen. Gaaaah!

Pollen suck, Being Human less so )
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Okay, so normally I don't like it when British TV shows get revamped for US television. Because, come on, it's just a rip-off of someone else's concept and more proof that Hollywood doesn't have any original ideas anymore. Still, I had to check out the US version of Being Human, merely because Sam Huntington's in it.

My new McPunisher show )


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