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... or That Could Have Gone Better

I really wish I could report that the Livingston concert yesterday was a real blast. But I can't. Because it wasn't. It was probably the one Livingston concert I have enjoyed least of all the ones I've been to. (Which amounts to four.)  I mean, it wasn't Livingston's fault at all. It was just... everything else.

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Mozzie (my new vacuum cleaner) is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that he sucked the one unraveled thread from my carpet that fell victim to my dad using a drill on the carpet baseboard right out of where I had glued it back in. Gee, thanks. You suck. More literally than figuratively in this case.

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Gah! Another one of life's epic fails, coupled with Murphy's Law. So for the first time in about a year (possibly more), I had the urge to get my guitar out of the corner behind the door (*blows layers of dust off the bag*), and what do I find? The D string has ripped. (And I mean, WTF? In the bag??) Of course I don't have a spare one and it's Sunday so I can't go anywhere to buy a new one. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.

So I guess instead of making my own music, I'm gonna have to leave you with some embeddeds.

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There's a few things I feel I owe you guys feedback on, so here's our agenda for today:

- A few introductory words
- TeeJay and [ profile] hai_di see Livingston live in Oberhausen
- How [ profile] hai_di  infected TeeJay with the White Collar bug
- Harry Potter 7.1
- Any Other Business
- Summary

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I think in the end it didn't even matter to the band that they had a couple thousand fans as their audience. What am I talking about? Well, I went to the Linkin Park concert in Cologne last night. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret having gone. I had a good time, and they played a good mixture of old and new songs (including one of my all time favorites - Breaking The Habit). But in the end, what was missing was the feeling that the band members were even remotely enjoying themselves.

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What a sweet way to end a rather blah week. I went to Essen last night to watch Livingston and Dellé together with [ profile] hai_di. The concerts were a part of the (free) open air event called Essen Original. I had been there a few years ago (like five or six?) where I had seen H-BLOCKX play live. But I have to say, I enjoyed Livingston much more!

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Feb. 24th, 2009 10:25 pm
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I wanna say this just quickly before I go to bed. The new Depeche Mode single kicks ass (and I'm not even a Depeche Mode fan).

Curious now? It's not out yet, but it's being played on the radio. Plus, you can listen to it on their MySpace:

There’s something wrong with me
Something wrong with me
The wrong mix in the wrong genes
I reached the wrong ends by the wrong means

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Turns out my old car stereo is totally dead. So now I'm officially in driving hell--no music in the car whatsoever for at least 7 days. Nnnnnnrgh!! At least I really liked Seven Pounds.
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My car stereo broke. Well, not completely, it's the display that isn't working anymore. The nerd clerk at the store said they have to take it out and send it to Kenwood to have it fixed. Here's where I lucked out, though: The warranty runs out tomorrow. Just in time, I say!

So now I have to return to the store tomorrow for them to take out the Kenwood and put in my old, crappy, no-good Peugeot radio. Two words: cassette player. Ugh. I won't be able to listen to MP3s or CDs anymore. Major suckage.

I'm gonna treat myself to some frustration compensation entertainment tonight. Seven Pounds is showing this week (un-dubbed) and I kinda forgot this weekend that I wanted to go see it. So tonight, 7:30, I'm gonna be sitting in one of those blue theater seats, watching Will Smith on the silver screen. I hope it's at least decent.


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