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[ profile] anaithis , this one's for you. I hope you like it at least a little bit.

Life Sentence
Author: TeeJay
Fandom: James Cameron's AVATAR
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word Count: 14,719 (in total)
Chapters: 5
Characters: Jake Sully, Tom Sully
Summary: Corporal Jake Sully is hit by a piece of shrapnel and finds himself lying in a Venezuelan VA hospital with a pair of useless legs and a big hole blown through the middle of his life. Pre-movie.

Chapter 1 (of 5) on Life Sentence - "Suck It Up"
Chapter 2 (of 5) on Life Sentence - "I Got This"
Chapter 3 (of 5) on Life Sentence - "Deal"
Chapter 4 (of 5) on Life Sentence - "Taking The Slide"
Chapter 5 (of 5) on Life Sentence - "A Fresh Start"

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It's like a drug, I can't stop writing AVATAR fan fiction. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. So here's my latest epic (or rather one-shot), it's called The Last Goodbye.

Summary: Jake, Norm and the Omaticaya say their last goodbye to Grace. Takes place after the "transfer attempt".

Oh, and my other story, Only Human? has now been fully posted over on
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Chapter 2 is now up: Only Human? - Chapter 2

However, I won't be posting here every time I upload a new chapter. I just finished writing the story tonight, but I haven't fully split it into chapters yet. It'll probably end up being five or six, definitely not more than ten. I'll have to see where it makes sense to make the cuts.

Well, anyway, my point is: If you wanna follow the story, I suggest you either bookmark it on and check there for updates or register with an account at and create a story or author alert there. They'll send you an e-mail whenever your "alert" stories are updated or "alert" authors post a new chapter or story. It's actually a pretty neat feature.
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It was inevitable. I knew I would have to write an AVATAR fanfic. All those beautiful images in my head had to go somewhere. Granted, this story doesn't actually use many of the beautiful images, it plays in the rather drab human world for the most part, but those are the characters that I wanted to explore most at this stage.

You can find the first chapter (more to follow) on Only Human? - Chapter 1

Rated PG-13

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White Collar Stories:

White Collar stories are all Gen except where otherwise indicated.


Misdirections (for [ profile] collarcorner )
Peter's current case involves a forgery/art theft from years ago, and suddenly Neal gets very uncomfortable.

Two Sugars, No Pain (1/32/33/3)
Alex, Fowler, Kate, the music box and a secret code. Things come to a head and Mozzie ends up in the crosshairs. My take on the sequel to episode 2x09 'Point Blank'.

Scapegoat (for [ profile] collarcorner )
In the wake of the aftermath of the U-boat incident, a case of bond forgery points unmistakably at a certain convicted bond forger well known to the FBI.

(because he's such an easy target)

Once A Conman, Always A Conman (for [ profile] collarcorner )
Neal has an unexpected mishap in the office and Peter tries to save the day as best as possible.

Pain Relief
Pain relief comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it's a pill, sometimes just the simple act of having friends there to care for you. Somewhat of a sequel to my drabble "Drop Your Weapons".

Just Can't Breathe (for [ profile] collarcorner )
A freak explosion hits the museum Neal happens to be visiting, and it's up to Peter find him.

Helping Hands (for [ profile] collarcorner )
Neal has an accident with rather unfortunate consequences.

Bouncing Back (for [ profile] collarcorner )
Another illegal back room operation, it had seemed so straightforward. Neal had done this a number of times. Maybe they were getting sloppy, but this one hadn't quite turned out the way Neal (or anyone) had expected.

Off Target (for [ profile] collarcorner )
Peter fired one more shot and another perp went down, then— His name. Hold on. Why would the perps call his name? No no no! This couldn't be. He'd told Neal to wait in the van!

Distracted When I Spike The Punch (for [ profile] collarcorner )
A migraine, a reception, punch that was spiked. A potentially hazardous combination for some, certainly a dangerous combination for Neal Caffrey.

Saving Chris Clayton (for the "Running Hot" meme)
Neal's timing isn't all that impeccable when he comes down with the stomach flu during an important undercover assignment.

Balancing Act (for the "Running Hot" meme)
Neal gets a little unpredictable when running a high fever. And looking after him turns into a full-time job.

Downhill From There (for the "Running Hot" meme)
A power outage hits the FBI building and traps Neal and Peter in the elevator. As if that wasn't bad enough, it turns out that Neal isn't feeling so great.

Places To Go And Secrets To Keep (for the "Running Hot" meme)
When June asks Peter to keep watch of a fever-ridden Neal, the latter lets some info slip that he rather should have kept to himself and that gets him in a world of trouble.

And Isn't It Ironic, Don't You Think? (for [ profile] thenewpub )
New York can be dangerous to roam alone at night. Neal has to learn that the hard way.

Desperate Deed (for [ profile] collarcorner )
Peter receives threatening e-mails from someone with a grudge. The FBI has a hard time catching the guy and Neal gets caught in the middle.
Full story as PDF file
Chapter 1 of 6 - Consider This
Chapter 2 of 6 - Devil Man
Chapter 3 of 6 - Bullet Holes
Chapter 4 of 6 - This Is How It Goes
Chapter 5 of 6 - Bring Me Home
Chapter 6 of 6 - Until I'm Fine

Angsty Stuff

Crying was a sign of weakness. Neal didn't show weakness. He'd become a master of crafting masks to cover the real Neal Caffrey when things hit too close to home.

I've always wondered what happened right after the plane exploded in 'Out of the Box' and how Neal ended up back in jail. This is my version of how it could have happened.

There's A First Time For Everything
Elizabeth visits Neal in prison when he gets put back there after the plane exploded. Kind of a sequel to my other story, Wreckage, but also works as standalone.

A Distinct Presence Of Blame (for [ profile] collarcorner )
Memories resurface as Neal lays eyes on the scar on Mozzie's chest.

Outside Your Radius
It's been a year, and it brings back memories for Neal.

5 Times Peter Burke Saw Neal Caffrey Cry
I think the title says it all: Five times Peter saw Neal cry.

Neal is in way deep, and things are starting to fall apart on all fronts.


Three Kinds Of Hell (for [ profile] collarcorner )
With Peter incapacitated, Neal is assigned a temporary new handler. Running through the city and spending evenings at various hospitals starts taking its toll on Neal.

Hotel Lobby Revelations (for [ profile] collarcorner )
Neal and Peter are waiting in a hotel lobby, and there's this grand piano, waiting to be taken for a spin.

It's Been A Bad Day, Please Don't Take A Picture (for [ profile] collarcorner )
Neal has a bad day, which ends rather uncharacteristically in a bar and then, later on... Well, you'll see.

Steady Income
Neal can't live on bread and water alone. So where's he get the money, now that his secret resources have been depleted?

The Secret Of Hubert Pretzelman
The cat is out of the bag. Neal Caffrey is really called Hubert Pretzelman. Now you'll get to find out why. (Please read the "Best Guarded Secret" drabble first.)

The Racing Rats
Peter didn't think Neal could run. Would run. Not while he was still wearing the anklet, and definitely not like this. (Songfic.)

Proven Wrong
She nearly got him killed the first time they met, and neither of them couldn't really figure out how they ended up in Neal's bed. (Neal/Kimberly Rice - Het - Rated R for sexual content)

Drabbles for [info]whitecollar100

Weekly Prompts:

001Clue 002Catch 003Hunt 004Target
005 Case 006 File 007 Background 008 Interrogation
009 Witness 010 Home 011 Family 012 Team
013 Unit 014 Paper 015 Clay 016 Paint
017 Ink 018 Check 019 Cash 020 Credit
021 Loan 022 Savings 023 Gold 024 Silver
025 Diamonds 026 Glass 027 Partner 028 Lovers
029 Wife 030 Girlfriend 031 Boyfriend 032 Chocolate
033 Wine 034 Coffee 035 Tea 036 Skin
037 Bone 038 Muscles 039 Blood 040 Judge
041 Evidence 042 Innocent 043 Guilty 044 Secret
045 Whisper 046 Rumor 047 Guess 048 Tale
049 Tie 050 Hat 051 Watch 052 Shave

Special Prompts:

Spring Autumn


Prison Break Stories:

In The Movies (for [ profile] pbhiatus_fic)
It's like in the movies, like one of those delicious love scenes that will make you swallow because you can almost feel his lips on your skin as you watch. (MiSa - NC-17)

Off Into The Sunset (for [ profile] pbhiatus_fic)
The taste of the ginger ale on Sara's tongue wasn't nearly as satisfying as her memory of the peaty Scottish whisky burning down her throat.

No Secrets (for [ profile] pbhiatus_fic)
Michael and Sara were living another life now. But some things applied to this life as much as it applied to the old one. No secrets. Not even this one.


Being Human (US) Stories:

Downright Normal
Aidan gives a certain popular book a try, and doesn't quite get what the fuss is all about.


James Cameron's AVATAR Stories:

Being Human?
This story started out with exploring the relationship between Jake, Norm and Grace, focusing on events in the human world. I guess you could see it as deleted scenes that we didn't see on the screen.

The Last Goodbye
Jake, Norm and the Omaticaya say their last goodbye to Grace. Takes place after the "transfer attempt".

Life Sentence
Corporal Jake Sully is hit by a piece of shrapnel and finds himself lying in a Venezuelan VA hospital with a pair of useless legs and a big hole blown through the middle of his life. Pre-movie.


Star Trek Stories:

Two Short Star Trek Fanfics
Rumarie (Star Trek: Enterprise - Trip gets frustrated at the warp drive when T'Pol turns up with an unexpected offer.)
The Picard Maneuver (Star Trek: The Next Generation - Captain Picard doesn't like the new Starfleet uniforms.)


Joan of Arcadia Stories:

Alphabet Soup Challenge

A is for Amused B is for Bitter C is for Curious
D is for Disappointed E is for Ecstatic F is for Frustrated
G is for Grateful H is for Hurt I is for Irritated
J is for Jealous K is for Kind L is for Lethargic
M is for Mischievous N is for Nostalgic O is for Optimistic
P is for Pensive Q is for Quixotic R is for Relaxed
S is for Surprised T is for Touched U is for Uncomfortable
V is for Vexed W is for Worried X is for Xenophilic
Y is for Yielding Z is for Zealous    

The rest of my fan fiction stories not posted in my LiveJournal can be found on


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