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... or That Could Have Gone Better

I really wish I could report that the Livingston concert yesterday was a real blast. But I can't. Because it wasn't. It was probably the one Livingston concert I have enjoyed least of all the ones I've been to. (Which amounts to four.)  I mean, it wasn't Livingston's fault at all. It was just... everything else.

Jerks and drunks and weirdos )

Oy vey!

Jun. 27th, 2011 12:29 am
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I have a love/hate relationship with writing hospital scenes. I have a little love/much hate relationship with writing hospital scenes in which one person is so sedated they can't think clearly. But I'm working through it. So bear with me.

Summer is here, it seems, and I'm not too thrilled. )
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Man, I had such high hopes for today. Guess that didn't turn out as planned. I decided to work from home today, because, really, I would have rather taken the day off (seeing how yesterday was a bank holiday). But T and H are already on vacation, and I'm their official backup, so I couldn't just scarper off. Line Manager wasn't too thrilled I wanted to work from home on a bridging day. But, come on, I got just as much done as I would have in the office, if not more. I even dialed into the frickin' telephone conference at 3. (Okay, five past 3.)

Nonproductivity is my middle name. )
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I'm behind on commenting, both for comments you've left for me and comments on other peoples' entries. And I wish I had the energy to do something about it. Life's real busy, and I'm on a crazy mad fic writing roll, which I don't wanna interrupt for fear it's gonna ebb away into nothingness (as I'm sometimes wont to do). So most of my spare time goes into frantic writing right now. And catching up with my favorite shows, of course. There's also the current [ profile] wcollar20in20 I need to complete. Argh! I will be back with comments, I promise. Just bear with me for a while longer.

Just, uhm... THANK YOU, everyone, for leaving comments on my entries, especially the fanfics. I usually like to thank everyone individually, but right now I'm just too blah about it. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate them. Because I do. Every single one. THANK YOU!
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Okay, so I said I would post something more elaborate on Monday. I didn't. But that's because I was basically feeling like a pile of horse poo yesterday. It's not a good idea to be at altitudes of 33,000 feet for prolonged periods of time when your sinuses are raging with infection (this was on Sunday night, though). I'm sure my seat neighbor hates me because there is no way he didn't catch what I have. It's also the first time that my ears hurt from the pressure difference. It took a whole day for my right ear to go back to normal. So what I'm saying is: Yesterday sucked copious amounts of ass.

Like I need another TV show to get attached to.... )
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Yes, I am still alive. It's just that for some weird reason, my Copenhagen friend's DSL modem hates my laptop. Thus I have not been online for the past, oh, how many days? Right now I'm on her dinosaur computer, and we're actually off to the local "beach" in a few minutes to grab a pizza on the way. I will be flying back home tonight, so with any luck I'll post something more elaborate tomorrow (since I'm getting in very late and will most likely go straight to bed).

Gesundheit )
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I just got back, and I'm glad that I am. All things considered, it was a fun trip. I can't even really say why, but this time all the small talky fraternizing didn't stress me out that much. Either I found a way to avoid it or I'm getting more skilled at it. (Probably the first because I have to admit I didn't try remotely hard enough to get to know people.)

TV show hiatusesessss )
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Oh, how I've missed this. (Not.) Business meetings are always blah. And even though we had Wednesday morning to actually look at some of the city, all I got to see was left and right of the Bosporus. The initial plan was to take a 1 1/2 hour boat tour along the Bosporus. But apparently we took the wrong boat, because the one we boarded took us all the way to the Asian side of Istanbul, up where the Black Sea begins. The one way trip took 1 1/2 hours alone.

We want..... a SHRUBBERY!! )
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This morning I caved. The hay fever was so bad that I took an antihistamine. I've been trying to stay away from them as much as possible, but I just knew that I couldn't get through the day as it was. So now I'm feeling the side effects, because I'm really really tired. It's kinda hard to keep my eyes open enough to get actual work done. Plus I have a headache too, but I'm not sure if that's from the antihistamine or not. But, hey, at least my eyes and nose don't itch anymore. I'm trying to decide what the lesser of evils is in this case, and I haven't come to a conclusion yet.

Need more caffeine... )
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Maaaan, I can't believe the White Collar season finale is already airing tonight. It's like we barely got off the winter hiatus. How can we go into another hiatus again so soon? And a probably even crueler one, because, come on, we all know it's gonna end with a doozy cliffhanger that'll make me scream copious amounts of unfavorable and frustrated expressions at the TV screen. Gaaaah!

Pollen suck, Being Human less so )
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How do you know your brain has totally been taken over by White Collar? One sure indication might possibly be that you hold a presentation in front of a group of 40 people and you say 'FBI' instead of 'FDA'. Major oops. I did correct myself, though.

The 27th floor )
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I drink to that. Don't let the bastards get you down. (To quote Rihanna.)

Friday nights in the office... again. )
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Inadvertently ignoring the alarm clock (which was set to 10:15) and sleeping until 1:30 PM is so not cool. Now I will never get my normal sleep rhythm back by the time I'm gonna have to go back to work. Epic failness squared!

I need a body clock reset )
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Canceled flights = failsauce. Epically so. Because, yay, I get to spend another day in Raleigh. And we weren't even flying anywhere near where the snow chaos is. Our original flight to Atlanta was canceled due to technical problems with the plane. The later flight they booked us on was delayed, so we wouldn't have made the connecting flight to Germany.

Delta, you suck! )
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Oh. My. God. I love sweet potatoes. I love being in southern parts of the US, because, OMG, I love sweet potatoes. With pecans. And butter. And cinnamon. (And, no, you don't get them in Germany unless you're either at a special special special gourmet store or some out-of-this-world expensive specialty restaurant.) And the white cheddar mushrooms and asparagus was good too. I have probably gained three kilos on this trip, but the food was just yummy. Though it's another indication why I should not stay in the US for longer than two weeks.

Oh, look! New White Collar in 22 minutes! )


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