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LJ, what's with the server issues? I'm having a DDoS attack déjà vu. Do not want! I think a lot of people are getting very fed up with the recurring accessibility issues, especially those who are paying good money to have an account here. Twenty-four plus hours to get the site back up and running is kinda borderline even in my book. And I still can't access it from my smartphone for whatever reason. I can understand why people are upset enough to quit using LJ and move over to other blogging sites. I'm not quite there yet, but I'd have to lie if I said the idea hadn't occurred to me.

Squee and failsauceā„¢ )
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Inadvertently ignoring the alarm clock (which was set to 10:15) and sleeping until 1:30 PM is so not cool. Now I will never get my normal sleep rhythm back by the time I'm gonna have to go back to work. Epic failness squared!

I need a body clock reset )
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At least that's how I feel these days. It kinda sucks that I can't go see the movie in English anymore now. Not that seven times isn't enough, mind you. Though somehow.... Or maybe I'm just going out of my mind a little bit here.

More useless ponderings. Read at your own discretion. )
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I need both of those, a muse and/or a plot bunny. I've always been a very unsteady fanfic writer, my writing usually comes and goes in waves. I have productive and imaginative phases and I have unproductive and uninspired phases.

Hop along, plot bunny--and bring the muse! )


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