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Okay, so I said I would post something more elaborate on Monday. I didn't. But that's because I was basically feeling like a pile of horse poo yesterday. It's not a good idea to be at altitudes of 33,000 feet for prolonged periods of time when your sinuses are raging with infection (this was on Sunday night, though). I'm sure my seat neighbor hates me because there is no way he didn't catch what I have. It's also the first time that my ears hurt from the pressure difference. It took a whole day for my right ear to go back to normal. So what I'm saying is: Yesterday sucked copious amounts of ass.

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This morning I caved. The hay fever was so bad that I took an antihistamine. I've been trying to stay away from them as much as possible, but I just knew that I couldn't get through the day as it was. So now I'm feeling the side effects, because I'm really really tired. It's kinda hard to keep my eyes open enough to get actual work done. Plus I have a headache too, but I'm not sure if that's from the antihistamine or not. But, hey, at least my eyes and nose don't itch anymore. I'm trying to decide what the lesser of evils is in this case, and I haven't come to a conclusion yet.

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This may be a shocking revelation to some, but supplies don't usually reorder themselves. So why is it always me who asks A to reorder coffee creamer or sugar or other kitchen supplies for the office? (And I don't even drink the coffee!) I mean, is it so hard to ask A to reorder new sugar when you open the last packet? You don't even have to order it yourself, for goodness' sake, A will do it for you. I'll bet the person not asking A to reorder will be the same person getting all whiny when they find the community kitchen entirely without sugar in a few days. Because, dammit, supplies don't reorder themselves! I have a suspicion this is also the same person who leaves the empty toilet rolls hanging on the dispenser when the new one is just an arm's length away, in plain sight. Freakin' egotists.

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What are the odds of taking a picture of lightning? Well, with enough patience (and the advantage of darkness and a remote control for the SLR), here's proof that it's not all that unlikely. Taken in Kusadasi, Turkey last week.

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I drink to that. Don't let the bastards get you down. (To quote Rihanna.)

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Jan. 28th, 2011 06:51 pm
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It's only been two days since I last watched White Collar, and already I'm jonesing. This Investigator Meeting is seriously messing with my fangirling abilities. I mean, this meeting is really hardcore. Breakfast starts at 7, the meeting at 8. Yesterday the meeting lasted until 5, with dinner starting at 7. Today it lasted until 6, with dinner starting at 7 again. After the dinner, it's checking work e-mail and then bed, to repeat the same thing over.

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There is nothing like starting your day with a smile on your face when someone tells you, "By the way, you're awesome!" Why, thank you, [ profile] crism79. I'm not convinced I really am, but it's nice to know that at least I'm giving others the illusion. ;o)

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This year I'm working Christmas. Well, the non-bank holiday days. I believe it's the very first time in my life that I'm doing so. Naturally, the company parking lot was gaping empty. At least I found a few colleagues upstairs I can go to the cafeteria with for lunch. Eating alone is not something I enjoy very much.

On a Prison Break note, MsGenevieve's latest 4x17 post made me once again realize how much I didn't like the last few episodes of season 4. Even though it's only been four or so weeks since I rewatched S1, 2 and 3, I got S1 out of the shelf and started watching it again from the beginning. Admittedly I did some tidying up and filing at the same time, but it was still nice to relive the spirit of the show back then. I also made some notes of events and conversations that I always wanted to use for fan fiction. Hope I'll get to actually write and use all of that.

Hm... guess I should start reviewing some of the documents that are still on my to-do pile. Boooooring.


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