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Not quite sure how I feel about this one. I think I mostly liked it, but it did have flaws. (Some bigger than the Statue of Liberty...) So lemme see what's there to talk about in more detail.

  1. I wish I liked Sara more. I really do. Because it gives me all kinds of happy butterflies to see Neal being happy with someone. I just really want it to be someone I can like too. *sigh*
  2. Neal in a wifebeater. 'Nuff said.
  3. Happy banter. Yay! I liked it a lot that some of that was back. The breakfast banter was especially nice.
  4. "That awkward in between stage." Hm, yeah. Wonder where that's going. I mean, I already kinda know where that's going. Especially after Sara found Victor Moreau.
  5. Talking about Victor... I do like it that Neal is so reluctant about accepting the new Victor persona. So he does have second thoughts. Lots of them. Do want.
  6. Not too enthusiastic about the Neal carbon copy case. But Neal's annoyance over being carbon copied was fun.
  7. Pretty Bomer. I thought he was exceptionally pretty in this episode. Or else the episode was lovingly shot. Or both. There were a number of scenes where I went, Gah, I so need a screencap of that and make it into an icon! Shorter hair! Yay²!
  8. KCN girl – in other words potassium cyanide girl.WTF was that about? I made no sense to me at all. Why was she even written into this episode? Did they cut something that involved her that would have completed a picture? Even as a plot device, she had no merit whatsoever. Or else this is another case of my brain being too stupid to figure it out.
  9. Victor Moreau? Really? Way to pour salt into the wound.
  10. The con parts of the episode were kinda pathetic. This guy has in his office what is considered an unbreakable safe, and Scott and Neal crack it in under 10 minutes with nothing but a fancy stethoscope and Neal's tactile senses? You gotta be fucking kidding me. Dear show, your viewers are neither braindead nor dumb. There is only so much artistic license I can take. Meh. Not to mention that Peter keeps the manifest in his desk drawer? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Neal can pick that lock with a paper clip in all of 15 seconds. Anyone can pick that lock with a paper clip. Wasn't Neal just telling Scott that Peter Burke is the smartest guy he knows? Well, Neal, I think you may want to revoke that particular statement.
  11. I liked Neal's inner conflict of whether to help Scott get the hell outta there or turn himself in. I like Neal when he's having conflicting, emotional moments. The Bomer makes the best puppy dog eyes. I melted a little.
  12. I may like the Bomer even better in blue shirts than in light purple shirts. Epic wardrobe win for this episode, including Peter's dark purple tie combo.
  13. Loving the continuing barbie jokes. At least the show knows how to poke fun at itself. Btw, I want that miniature fedora. If they eBayed that off for charity, I'd totally bid on it.
  14. "I screwed up." For some inexplicable reason, that line totally got to me. Neal doesn't usually admit defeat. It seemed a bit out of character for him to express his disappointment at not getting through to Scott, but if nothing else, I liked that scene for the fact that Neal opened up to Peter with something that he emotionally cared about. There was some definite re-bonding going on in this episode. And so, so much subtext. I may have to spare a ♥ for that.
  15. I think this is my all time favorite dialogue of the whole season so far:
Peter: What do you think of him?
Neal: He's a kid, having the time of his life. He's impulsive, arrogant and has no idea how deeply in over his head he is.
Peter nods knowingly.
Neal: Okay, fine, he bears a cursory resemblance to me.
Peter: Think we can bring him back from the dark side?
Neal: It's hard to do.
Peter: I wonder what woulda happened if I'd have caught you earlier.
Neal: Wouldn't have made a difference, Peter. The con is a rush. It's an addiction. And you need to hit rock bottom before you can change.
Peter: When did you hit bottom?
Neal: I never said I did.

I mean, man, there are so many implications here. I have a feeling rock bottom for Neal is gonna come either in the mid-season finale or the season finale. Am I wrong, Eastin? I mean, come on, that was such an obvious setup. But it doesn't mean I don't like it.

Finally, some of the emotionality between Neal and Peter is back. There's an inkling of trust there, just barely tangible. Peter doesn't want him to run. Neal's teetering on the edge of wanting to run and wanting to stay, maybe now more than ever. And Peter knows how to play Neal into making those subtle messages sink in. Just like the scene at the end, the "you can change" part, the shoulder squeeze. Gave me all kinds of fangirl goosebumps. Thank you, Joe Henderson. There are redeeming qualities shimmering through. By the end of season three, I might have the show back I used to love so much.

Wow, this was much more than I initially thoguht I'd write about the episode. And, gee, bedtime again. *yawns* Night all!


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