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Oh. My. God. This was so bad. Okay, not as bad as 2012 (the movie, not the year), but it came close. Please tell me, why did I pay 13 EUR for this crap?

I'm talking about Transformers 3, of course. I mean, yeah, when you watch a movie like this, you're not supposed to expect anything that's remotely anchored in reality, but even so, this was so... stupid. I've been known to enjoy the occasional mindless action movie, which is one reason why I went to see it. But this was mndless action with the emphasis on mindless. While I can totally get lost in a good action movie, I still need for it to expect the viewer to maintain a certain level of intelligence. Which did not apply here–like, at all.

Maybe even more ridiculous than the whole Witwicky/Decepticons/Autobots plot was the British bimbo. I try to use that word lightly, but there is really no other way I could possibly put it. Jolie-like pouty lips, long, blond hair (that looked perfect in every scene, of course), a body as if modeled after Barbie–and worst of all: Runnning for your life in 4-inch stiletto heels. Give me a break! If there's going to be a 4th movie (there is, right?), I don't think I'm gonna watch it. And I really liked the first one!

Oh, and I watched it in 3D (hence the 13 EUR), which I actually didn't think was too bad. I would have preferred 2D, but it was either 3D and original version or 2D and dubbed into German. The choice wasn't hard to make. I'm not sure, but I suspect it was a 2D-to-3D converted movie, wasn't it? I thought they did okay there, but it's hard for me to compare because the only other live-action 3D movie I've seen is Cameron's AVATAR.

What kinda sucked, though, was the technical glitch they had. First there was the usual yadda yadda commercials (in 2D) and then the 3D commercials started. And something was wrong with them, because they kept flickering and jerking, with the 3D going in and out. A few people went and told the theater people, and they had to make four attempts at restarting the 3D commercials (figuring someting was wrong with the projector, obviously). All in all, that took almost half an hour. A few impatient people left, the others were getting restless. And after the fourth try, they must've realized: Hey, what if it's not the projector but the commericals that are faulty? So they started the movie, and that showed just fine. I groaned and went, "WTF, we could've had that 30 minutes ago!" People actually applauded by the time we finally got to see the movie. (Leonard Nimoy's voice ftw, by the way. Recognized it pretty much right away. Unlike Hugo Weaving's...)

Change of subject: OMG, the Bomer has new glasses. And I hate 'em. I mean, is he trying to look less attractive on purpose? If so, congratulations, Matt. You've succeeded. I kinda learned to appreciate the black, dorky ones he had before, but these new ones are just way too 80's. I think I'm going to dislike every single future picture of him with them on. Look at what you're doing to me. This is not nice, Mr. Bomer! And, yeah, I know. He couldn't care less. But still... I can at least express my unhappiness, can't I?

Evidence below. I mean, the photo itself is cute, but the glasses? *shudders*


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