May. 3rd, 2011

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Title: Off Target
Author: TeeJay
Summary: Peter fired one more shot and another perp went down, then— His name. Hold on. Why would the perps call his name? No no no! This couldn't be. He'd told Neal to wait in the van!
Characters: Peter, Neal (plus some Elizabeth, Mozzie, Diana and Jones)
Written for: [ profile] kanarek13  for the [ profile] collarcorner  Prompt Fest #3
Prompt/Request: What could possibly go wrong? (during a stakeout)
During a stakeout all hell breaks loose and Peter is forced to leave the van and help other agents. He tells Neal to stay put and not leave the van under any circumstances, but Neal is really worried about his partner and goes after Peter eventually. There's chaos outside, shots are being fired and Peter mistakes Neal for one of the bad guys and accidentally shoots him.
Would Like: Major angst trip, Peter being scared out of his mind, holding bleeding Neal in his arms while waiting for the EMTs to arrive, apologizing, trying to keep him awake. Bonus cookies for Neal eventually losing consciousness.
Don't Want: Neal dying. Peter's guilt trip to be long-lasting, as soon as Neal is awake, they should talk it out and realize that it was just a freak accident and it wasn't just Peter's fault.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Gen
Warnings: There will be angst, whump and blood. 'Nuff said.
Author's Note: some more explanations here )
Also, thank you, [ profile] rabidchild67, for the beta. You rock.
Disclaimer: Bla bla Jeff Eastin, bla bla USA Network. Bla bla not mine, not making any money from this. Bla bla characters should be totally mine, especially Neal welcome.
Off Target )
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No, not my hair. I mean, yes, I got a haircut last week. But that's hardly what I'm excited about.

Can you guess who I'm talking about? Come on, you should. I mean, the man has eaten my brain. And it looks like he's still at it, because....



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