Mar. 7th, 2011

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The Barcelona White Collar Round-Robin
by TeeJay and Kim

This is just a little, fun something that happened when my colleague Kim and I started messing around during the meeting we attended last week. We sat next to each other in the last row, and since we had both already heard most of the presentations that were being held, we decided to start a little round robin game to make the time pass more quickly.

It started out with me suggesting we write a three-sentence story, and it somehow turned into a round-robin where we continued each other's ideas. Normal text was written by me, text in italics was written by Kim.

Also, this somehow stops right in the middle because it's all we had time for. If anyone feels the urge to continue this, feel free. :o)

Sort of contains spoilers for 2x15 "Power Play".

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Round 8 of [ profile] wcollar20in20 is on. Here's your teaser. I signed up for episode "What Happens in Burma".


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